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DAVID MARINOS on the cover of LIFO Magazine.
Read the interview here
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Beautiful art by davidmarinos in Aesthetics Magazine.
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Anonymous:  are you dating anyone? Any crushes?

i have a crush on myself

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antoinekass:  We're learning about you in class. I love your art, I think it's amazing. I can't believe you're sixteen and you're cute

hahahah thats cool, thank you

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Anonymous:  Ο,τι κανεις ειναι ειλικρινα υπεροχο. Keep it up!:)

Thank you :))

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theawkwardturtleballoon:  Your art is so surreal and so amazing , loving it


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Anonymous:  if you opened an atelier in New York City id shop their like every day

that would be sweet

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decaying-t33n:  Do you use Adobe Photoshop?

what’s that

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Come to my exhibition at Atopos Cvc presented by VICE- More information here -
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itscalledpop-pvnknigga:  Your art is amazing, and you're a beautiful human being

thank you :))) <3333

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theandystar:  I Love your work,It is very impressive

thank you

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Anonymous:  Not rly means u still love someone or u love someone u can't have:( saddest girl on earth here atm I thought we could meet but if u love someone. ....

I’m not in love with anyone, i barely even know what love is.

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DAVID MARINOS - Afterlife 1/5
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Anonymous:  u should go to nyc

im moving there in like 2 years