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@cryselia this thursday
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baby ♥♥♥♥♥♥

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Anonymous:  How old are you?


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David Marinos - Neon Flesh
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David Marinos - Vibrations 1
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velvetmoondreams:  dude, you're on tumblr radar.

am i cool now?

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furples:  i'm so glad that you are on radar right now so i could see your amazing art, love it a loooooooooooot

Thank u <3 <3

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yuhk:  I think you're fantastic

omg thank u <3

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David Marinos - Speed
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Ceremonial skulls.

Inverted with flesh.


Sand grains form his silhouette.

Screaming the testament, he is the savior.

Sweat glimmers on his triceps.

He pushes his hands out, awaiting the approval of GOD.

Paralyzed bodies break into motion.

Calling out his name, he joins the flesh.


His twisting voice enslaves the structure of the youth.

GOD  has spoken.

Skies deform under his breath.


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David Marinos - Lame
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Anonymous:  Were do You Come from?

I come from the planet Methuselah

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David Marinos - Melting 2 by //MARINOS// on Flickr.
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David Marinos - Melt 1
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Anonymous:  how much time does it take you to edit pictures?

300000 years of preparation, 10 minutes of execution.