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David Marinos - Absent Light 2
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erickr:  i really relly dig into ur artwork, i wonder what software u use

thanks, i wonder what software i use too

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David Marinos - Absent Light 
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I’m tired of this planet.

Rip my flesh open and let my soul wonder the darkness of the galaxy.

"No one knows what life is and all these meaningless quotes aren’t helping."
-David Marinos 
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David Marinos - Portal
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aebyiss:  your blog is incredibly beautiful

cheers m8

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microsystems:  ily 🙏

i love you too beautiful human

im getting more into fashion.. this is exciting

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dtsny:  honestly all of your art is amazing. it is really so good like I can stay on you blog for hours

thank you haha glad you like it <3

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w-a-r--k-i-d-z:  I love your art ❤️

thank you <333

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David Marinos - Vile
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baby ♥♥♥♥♥♥

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Anonymous:  How old are you?


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David Marinos - Neon Flesh
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