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Anonymous:  R you in love? Cause ur hella cute! !

lol wat

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DAVID MARINOS - Vanished 2/2
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DAVID MARINOS - Vanished 1/2
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Anonymous:  What programs do you use? Your art is incredible.

Ps, illustrator, & various 3d programs.

Also 5000 pounds of computers, scanners, paint, cameras, printers, vcr tapes.

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Anonymous:  u are a god

i know

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She isolated herself in a glass rectangle. Flooding the glass prism with water she began to choke heavily. Her screams from outside looked pleasant. Her face was erased. She scratched the surface for a sense of hope, thinking I would unlock her. The electricity begun to strike her chiseled spine, & in a matter of seconds bruises stained her skin. Her Arms were too weak to claw.

The ropes around her breasts tightened while new scars developed around her neck. My attempts for help became more and more humiliating.

Her flesh was covered in black and blue bumps, as the skin melted of her corpse. I couldn’t comprehend her anymore. She lay on the concrete as her weeps became more and more mesmerizing.

Her eyes softened my horror.

Assaulted by her pain, I felt no mercy.

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DAVID MARINOS - Flesh Form 1/2
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Anonymous:  no way are you 16! when i followed you i presumed you were an established artist. awesome

awesome indeed

the reactions i get when i tell people im 16

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David Marinos - Absent Light 2
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erickr:  i really relly dig into ur artwork, i wonder what software u use

thanks, i wonder what software i use too

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David Marinos - Absent Light 
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I’m tired of this planet.

Rip my flesh open and let my soul wonder the darkness of the galaxy.